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American Pipe Lining: Helping Lake Region Businesses Stay Up and Running Since 2002

American Pipe Lining is the commercial and industrial pipe lining restoration division of RooterMD Plumbing. We happily service the Great Lakes Region – including Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

We offer fully-licensed specialized plumbing solutions for industrial, commercial, and municipal water, drain, and mechanical plumbing systems. At American Pipe Lining, we promise to restore your water pipes without disrupting any every day operations.

What Does American Pipe Lining Offer Its Customers?

Commercial Pipe Lining: We install comprehensive epoxy pipe lining solutions for any commercial facility or structure. These services require no demolition, leaving your business operations running like normal without any disruptions!

Industrial Pipe Lining: We utilize the industry’s leading equipment and technology to unobtrusively restore industrial grade plumbing systems, offering permanent epoxy pipe lining solutions for corroded or damaged industrial pipes.

Municipal Pipe Lining: At American Pipe Lining, we implement epoxy lining solutions for municipal water systems, municipal drain systems, and municipal mechanical systems. We always adhere to strict quality and safety standards for each municipal pipe lining job, and promise to get it done timely and efficiently.

Residential Pipe Lining: Not a business or commercial property owner? No worries – RooterMD Plumbing offers residential pipe lining projects in the state of Michigan, too, so no pipe goes unrepaired. The residential cured-in-place piping technology utilizes permanent epoxy lining application to restore corroded or impaired residential plumbing systems leaving your home with reliable, like-new plumbing!

For any commercial, industrial, or municipal pipe lining needs, American Pipe Lining is your area expert.
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