Industrial Pipe Lining in Michigan

Industrial Pipe Lining In Michigan | American Pipe Lining

CIPP Solutions for Industrial Plumbing Systems

American Pipe Lining is the industrial pipe lining contractor serving the state of Michigan. We utilize the industry’s leading equipment and technology to restore industrial grade plumbing systems offering permanent epoxy pipe lining solutions for corroded or damage industrial pipes. We accommodate industrial plumbing restoration projects of all sizes and specifications. American Pipe Lining uses fast and efficient cured in place piping technology to make unobtrusive pipe repairs to industrial plumbing systems.

Michigan Industrial Epoxy Pipe Lining

Industrial CIPP Solutions

American Pipe Lining performs industrial facility plumbing rehabilitations including epoxy pipe relining for water, drain and mechanical plumbing systems. Our process is a permanent solution to impaired or corroded industrial piping systems implementing epoxy pipe lining applications that save money on costly re-piping without sacrificing the quality of the repair. Our industrial pipe lining solutions offer full-service plumbing restoration and repair without obstructing industrial or manufacturing operations.

  • Industrial Water Systems

    We offer industrial pipe lining solutions for water service mains, industrial building filtration systems and potable water plumbing systems. We can manage any industrial water system pipe lining project in Michigan large or small.

  • Industrial Drain Systems

    American Pipe Lining provides drain pipe lining solutions for industrial structures including vertical, roof, storm and sanitary drain pipe applications. Our industrial drain pipe lining process provides a permanent structural epoxy lining to industrial drain pipe utilities, restoring proper drain function and flow.

  • Industrial Mechanical Plumbing Systems

    We utilize our epoxy pipe lining solution to restore a variety of industrial fire suppression mechanisms and HVAC systems within industrial structures. We can make repairs to corroding fire suppression systems or HVAC component piping without replacement piping efforts, reducing costs and time on the job.