Industrial Water Systems in Michigan


Industrial Potable Water System Pipe Lining

American Pipe Lining restores corroded pipes and problems associated with impaired or damaged plumbing for a variety of industrial water systems. If your industrial water supply displays peculiar symptoms such as colored water, bad tasting or foul smelling drinking water, poor water flow or heat transfer, or plumbing systems plagued with an abundance of leaks and breaches you may benefit from industrial pipe relining technology.

Industrial Water System Pipe Lining

  • Industrial Water Filtration System Restoration
  • Industrial Service Main Restoration
  • Industrial Potable Water System Restoration
  • Industrial Non-Potable Water Restoration

Michigan CIPP Relining for Industrial Water Systems

American Pipe Lining provides epoxy pipe lining solutions to restore potable and non-potable water systems for a variety of industrial applications. Our professional plumbers perform restoration services for water mains, industrial water filtration systems and industrial potable drinking water pipe systems for Michigan and surrounding Great Lakes region. American Pipe Lining restores industrial water systems utilizing cutting-edge equipment and methods leaving you with a reliable, seamless industrial plumbing system. The epoxy pipe barrier used by American Pipe Lining is developed and approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under ANSI/NSF Standard No. 61 – “Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects” for both domestic cold and hot water pipe lining applications down to 1/2- inch pipe diameters and greater.

Industrial Water System Services

  • Service Main Pipe Relining

    American Pipe Lining offers plumbing solutions that utilize epoxy pipe lining to restore service mains, laterals and all component systems. We implement industrial plumbing solutions for water pipe systems from the service main to the city meter including all accompanying plumbing and pipe connections. Our pipe lining process can be used to restore industrial service main pipes of many lengths and diameters.

  • Water Filtration Pipe Relining

    American Pipe Lining installs industrial water filtration systems that cleanse existing water lines and keep safe water flowing throughout the industrial location. We also maintain and repair all component plumbing for Michigan industrial water filtration systems. Cured in place pipe restoration paired with effective water filtration can ensure clean, healthy water is available throughout the industrial facility.

  • Potable Water Pipe Relining

    We rehabilitate potable water systems to ensure safe, un-compromised drinking water to Michigan industrial buildings and facilities. Our epoxy pipe lining technology restores industrial water pipes from the service main to each water tap or fixture throughout the facility. The American Pipe Lining epoxy application process seals potable water plumbing systems, keeping them safe from heavy metal leaching and other drinking water contaminants.

Industrial CIPP Services

The CIPP relining method utilizes a high-pressure air medium and an abrasive grit to remove any pipe corrosion and buildup before installing the new permanent epoxy pipe liner to ensure safe drinking water within your Michigan industrial facility. American Pipe Lining implements the epoxy pipe lining solution without disrupting the foundation, hardscape, surrounding landscape or interior building walls. We account for lengths of pipe up to 500 feet at a time restoring the entire potable water system and all component plumbing connections.