Municipal Water Systems in Michigan


CIPP Solutions for Municipal Water Systems

We offer a wide range of pipe lining services to Michigan municipalities that allow you to repair and rehabilitate your existing underground sewer, drains and water pipes. It is no longer necessary to replace damaged underground pipes, excavate roads, sidewalks and buildings. We offer cured in place pipe technology to restore water filtration systems, service mains and potable water systems for municipalities across the state of Michigan and the Great Lakes area. This technology is in use all over the country in many municipalities and we use the best liners and resins available.

Municipal Water System Pipe Lining

  • Municipal Water Filtration System Restoration
  • Municipal Service Main Restoration
  • Municipal Potable Water System Restoration
  • Municipal Non-Potable Water Restoration

Michigan CIPP Relining for Municipal Water Systems

Many Michigan municipalities are experiencing failures and impairments to sewage, water and storm drain pipes. Over time, these municipal plumbing systems become cracked, root invaded, corroded or compromised in some way. These failing underground municipal water lines can benefit from professional municipal epoxy pipe restoration from American Pipe Lining. We will rehabilitate you municipal water filtration system, service main or municipal potable water system utilizing the most effective, permanent epoxy pipe lining technology available in the industry.

Municipal Water System Services

  • Service Main Pipe Relining

    American Pipe Lining offer municipal plumbing system restoration solutions that utilize epoxy pipe lining to restore service mains, laterals and all related systems. We implement professional plumbing solutions designed to address the specific project requirements of transmission and distribution water mains for municipal service main water pipes from the service main to the city meter including all accompanying component plumbing and pipe connections. Our pipe lining process can be used to restore municipal service main pipes up to 8” in diameter.

  • Water Filtration Pipe Relining

    American Pipe Lining can rehabilitate, install or repair water filtration systems used in municipal environments to cleanse water lines and keep healthy water throughout the municipality. We also manage the repair and restoration of all accompanying plumbing for municipal water filtration systems. CIPP restoration combined with effective water filtration practices ensures safe clean water is available throughout your Michigan municipal facility.

  • Potable Water Pipe Relining

    We rehabilitate potable water systems to restore safe, contaminant-free drinking water to your Michigan municipal building or facility. Our cured in place epoxy pipe lining technology rehabilitates all water pipes from the service main to each water tap throughout the building. Our process will secure the integrity of municipal potable water systems keeping them safe from harmful heavy metal leaching and other drinking water contaminants.