Allen Point


General Description

The 8″ water supply for the warehouse at American Interntional Tile in Elk Grove, Illinois was leaking under the plant floor. After the repair ws made, American Pipe Lining – Great Lakes was contracted to epoxy line the pipe to prohibit future leaks. APL_GL lined 50 ft.(40 feet was under the plant) from an access pit outside the plant to the main water supply shut off valve inside the plant.

Water Plping

Material: 1/2″ to 2″ Galvanized
Condition: Poor to Fair

Job Data

Epoxy Used: APL-2000(patent held by US Navy) NSF-61 Approved Epoxy
Lining Thickness: 7 Mils(1 application) Mechanically Bonded
Work Duration: 3 Days to Prep, Clean and Coat
Labor: 3 Technicians

Restored Life Expectancy

Life expectancy 50 to 70+ years


Increased Life ~ Minimal Demolition/Restoration

Barrier Epoxy Coating Prohibits Future Leaks

No Mineral Build Up or Corrosion