Problem solved for 1/4th of Traditional Repair Cost



The General Motors Tech in Warren, Michigan, had a sanitary blockage in on 8″ line that needed to be cleared. Further inspection revealed 100′ of deteriorating 8″ sanitary pipe with two lateral connections 7′ below grade that needed to be replaced.

Traditional Restoration

  • Partial Plant Shut Down
  • Break Up Floor in Hallways, Offices and Plant Floor
  • Excavate 7′ deep- 100′ long trench
  • Repair/Replace Pipe
  • Fill Trench
  • Repair Floor

APL Restoration Using NuFlow CIPP Technology

  • Plant Shut Down NOT Needed
  • Further demolition/excavation NOT needed
  • No repair other than initial trench
  • Repair/Replace Pipe Restoration work with reinstatements of laterals completed in 5 working days
  • Warranty: 10 years limited
  • Life Expectation: 50 years