Job of the Year Award Submission

PROJECT NAME – United Methodist Church, Garden City, Michigan

PROJECT DATES – April 8-15, 2005

COMPANY – American Pipe Lining – Great Lakes, Livonia, Michigan


Description of Job

job2The First United Methodist Church of Garden City, Michigan, eagerly awaited their new building addition that included more classroom space, a gathering narthex and a new elevator expressly built to allow the handicapped and elderly easy access to the fellowship hall/kitchen area located in the basement level.

American Pipe Lining – Great Lakes (APL-GL) was first contacted by a Site Sewer Specialist who was called to the church because the kitchen drains and basement lavatory drains had backed up. CCTV revealed the collapsed 6′ storm/sanitary line approximately 15 feet below grade directly next to the elevator shaft and under the newly constructed addition. There seemed no solution available but to demo much of the new addition and dig.

job2The Site Sewer Specialist had become acquainted with Cured-In-Place-Place pipe, and specifically with the work that APL-GL was doing with NU FLOW TECHNOLOGIES “pull in place” process. His question was, “Could APL offer an cost saving alternative solution?”

Having some experience using vacuum in other epoxy related technologies, Pete Wood, President of APL-GL, determined to take the risk and offer the church another solution… to use Nu Flow technology combined with some creative, yet unproven ideas using vaccum to clear the collapsed section of pipe.

Herodotus wrote, “Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks.” APL-GL was willing to risk an alternative solution The question was,”would great deeds be wrought?”



Degree of Difficulty(5 out of 5 stars)

job4APL-GL identified nine specific obstacles/problems to overcome/solve.

1. Collapsed 6″ storm/sanitary line The collapsed line was located 15′ below grade under new construction. Had to determine how we would both access and clear the pipe.

2. Confined space (one stall men’s bathroom) Access to collapsed was provided by a pit in the men’s basement bathroom .Our access was a pit 5ft X 8ft X 5ft.

3. Convergence of storm & sanitary sewer our working space was further restricted by a sanitary tree connecting seven drains.

4. Continual ground water flow Ground water continually filled the pit mixing with clay providing a slippery mud wrestling pit.

5. Improvised adaptation of tools Two tools – a combination of vactor hose with pipe , pressure washer and CCTV attached and a striking tool to break the large clay tile pieces.

6. Removal of loosely compacted soil The soil continually caved in during vacuum process . Patience and perseverance (several days ) finally paid off.

7. Breakage & removal of broken clay tile pipe The collapsed tile pieces were larger than the diameter of the pipe and had to broken into smaller pieces for removal.

8. Spanning the chasm from the break was the accomplished using Nu Flow Stint Repair technology , a long push rod and CCTV.

9. Strengthening the span with new liner A new 6 ” diameter 66′ long Nu flow liner completed the job.






Profitability(5 out of 5 stars)


Negotiated Price………………………………..$33,850.00
Direct Cost(Labor, Equipment & Material)…..$10,800.00
Gross Margin……………………………………$23,050.00

Job Results ( 5 out of 5 stars )

The result was perfection . The Collapse was repaired . The storm/sanitary lines were restored with a Nu flow Liner . The branch drains were reconnected. The access pit was filled , The bathroom floor cemented and tiled . The CCTV revealed a seamless healthy structurlly sound 6″ storm/sanitary line . APL-GL delivered one “Healthy baby!”.

Customer Satisfaction ( 5 out of 5 stars )

job6Today First United Methodist Church of Garden City, Michign, enjoys complete use of their new addition, kitchen and basement lavatories They understand that their $33,850 expenditure was a small price to pay compared to the astronomical cost of a conventional repair. Along with the repair, their construction project stayed on schedule and they received a new storm/sanitary line with a 10 Year Warranty.