Deteriorating Water Distribution System Restored



The aging galvanized water distribution risers in the twin 15 story Parklane Towers in Dearborn, Michigan, had become deteriorated with mineral build up and corrosion resulting in restricted flow and brown water. Underground 4” pipes need- ed to be restored from the pump room to main buildings, as well as a 4” central riser and four 2 ½” galvanized graduated to ¾” copper tenant risers for each building.

Traditional Restoration

  • Dig and replace underground pipe
  • Abate all asbestos contaminated areas
  • Shut down water to risers
  • Disconnect all lateral branches
  • Break out firewall for central riser re-pipe
  • Major inconvenience for tenants

APL Restoration Using APL2000 Technology

  • Risers restored with building fully occupied
  • Minimized Abatement Issues
  • Little or no demolition and restoration costs
  • Restored diameter-water flow-no brown water
  • No further mineral build up or pipe corrosion
  • NSF-61 Certified-Environmentally Safe
  • Warranty: Up to 10 years limited
  • Life Expectancy: 50-70 years