New Elevator And First Phase Of Construction Saved


Construction Disaster Averted

As the first Methodist Church of Garden City, Michigan,eagerly anticipated the new addition to their building, especially the elevator to allow easier access to the fellowship hall for those for those unable to navigate the stairs, an issue developed with a 6″ combined storm-sanitary line that was unknowingly broken during the excavating of the elevator footings.The sanitary line break shut down the use of the building’s kitchen and basement bathrooms. By the time the callapsed pipe was identified, the construction phase had completed the roughing of the new addition which was directly over the broken sanitary.

American Pipe Lining- Great Lakes

Using NuFlow’s CIPP(cured in place pipe) technology and tools, repaired the break working through the 6″ pipe in an exacavated in the men’s bathroom. After the repair the combined sanitary-storm pipe was restores to better than new condition with a 66′ liner.

The church now has kitchen, bathrooms and storm sewer back online, and avoided any demolition of the completed new construction to repair the break.