Pipe Lining Methods in Michigan


Advanced Commercial Pipe Lining Technologies

American Pipe Lining implements the most advanced epoxy pipe lining plumbing procedure available to Michigan commercial, residential and industrial property owners. Our process has proven its durability and cost-efficiency again and again. The pipe lining method that we utilize accommodates pipe diameters up to 10” wide and 200 feet in length.

5 Step Epoxy Pipe Liner Application Process

  1. A specialized compressor that produces superheated moisture/oil-free air that dries the interior of the impaired pipe.
  2. An abrading agent (garnet grit) is introduced into the air flow to remove any corrosion, mineral or other in-pipe accumulation.
  3. Water distribution pipes are air tested at 50 psi to identify leaks and target pipe repair locations.
  4. APL-2000 Epoxy (NSF-61 approved) is injected into the air flow to coat the interior walls of the affected pipe creating a seamless epoxy lining throughout the impaired pipe section.
  5. The epoxy lining cures to a permanent new pipe shell within the old damaged pipe line and the plumbing system is reassembled. We hydro-test the repaired system to confirm the integrity of the cured in place pipe liner.

Traditional Re-Piping vs. Epoxy Pipe Lining

Traditional Re-Piping vs. Epoxy Pipe Lining_Table