Residential Plumbing Services in Michigan


RooterMD Plumbing is the residential plumbing division of American Pipe Lining. RooterMD Plumbing specializes in full-service plumbing solutions for all of Michigan especially the communities within Metro Detroit. We have a team of professional plumbers determined to perform quality plumbing work for each and every residential plumbing customer they encounter. Our plumbers have a large breadth of experience and training making RooterMD Plumbing the authority for any residential plumbing repair, installation, update or restoration that may come your way.

RooterMD Residential Plumbing

RooterMD Plumbing proudly supports the commercial, industrial and municipal endeavors of its American Pipe Lining division. We are proud to be able to accommodate any type of plumbing request: large or small, state-wide or local, commercial or residential. RooterMD Plumbing has built a strong reputation for quality and professionalism in both plumbing departments. The commercial pipe lining division, American Pipe Lining, was created to allow specialized focus for both the residential industry and heavy-duty commercial and industrial environments.

Metro Detroit Residential and Commercial Plumbing Requests

If you require residential plumbing care or light commercial plumber solutions RooterMD Plumbing can manage your project. We service the Metro Detroit area with efficient plumbing workmanship and professional customer service that will make you glad you called on us for your plumbing service requests.

Residential Service Accommodations from RooterMD Plumbing